For Your Pleasure...AND IMAGINATION...

Imagine Topping This..

with THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds!

Even CAESAR would approve!

The Flavor of the Seed Will Change the Flavor of the Salad!

THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds will bedazzle any creation and add protein to turn this salad into a unique and delicious meal!

Add Variety To Your Creations! And, since pumpkin seeds are flat, they will stick to your ingredients providing crunch & flavor with each bite!

Simply Open The Bag and Eat as a Quick, Filling, On-the-Go, Ready to Eat, Crunchy, Protein Snack!

Added Bonus! Yogurt pairs perfectly with THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds - Try Cinnamon Spice or Pumpkin Pie Spice, or Heck, Try Salted Lime, Yum!

"I put salted lime in my salads and on my avocado toast"

Farmer's Market Repeat Attendee

"I eat them right out of the bag"

Farmer's Market Regular

"Cinnamon Spice is my favorite in yogurt"

Keystone Cravings Customer