About Us

Welcome to Keystone Cravings, where our family's passion meets rare culinary craftsmanship. We specialize in Organic Pumpkin Seed Snacks, featuring uniquely grown Styrian pumpkin seeds that have been harvested right here in the USA. Distinct in their nutrition and taste, our journey is grounded in authenticity, not driven by investors. We're committed to bringing you wholesome, organic delights, direct from our family to your table.

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Why Eat THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds?
 Embrace the unique charm of organic pumpkin seeds: a quick, filling, and healthy choice for on-the-go snacking. Nut-free and a high protein source, they offer a rare blend of convenience and nourishment. Ideal for active, health-conscious lifestyles seeking a distinctive, guilt-free snack that's rich in nutrients and flavor
  THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds are unique in the world as they are harvested in the U.S.A., & handcrafted in small batches.