Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

Pumpkin Seeds are a Superfood! 


Rest easy knowing that THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds
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Nutritional Value:

Do you want to perk up your nutritional values with an addicting Superfood?

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A pumpkin seed, is also known in North America as a pepita, and is the edible seed of a pumpkin. The seeds are typically flat and asymmetrically oval, have a white outer shell, and are light green in color after the shell is removed. Keystone Cravings uses Organic Oregon Grown Pumpkin Seeds that come from a pumpkin without shells.  This special pumpkin variety is known as a Styrian Pumpkin.  Styrian Pumpkins are grown specifically for their precious seed and the flesh of the pumpkin is used as mulch for the next growing season.

Pepitas are high in protein, and minerals, such as  iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese; the list goes on...

Pumpkin seeds without the shell/husk (pepitas) make it easy to add protein to your salads, rice dishes, pasta dishes, yogurt, cereal, trail mix; Again, the list goes on...

"Pepitas" are a large, buttery seed that when baked, taste a bit like Popcorn, only "Protein Style" and you don't have to add butter ;)

THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds are finally here to help you create more quality time in your life.

Allow yourself to start doing the things you find meaningful instead of worrying about how to stop your stomach from growling at you.

Instead turn a common breakfast, lunch, or dinner into an extraordinarily healthy and filling creation. 



THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds can be enjoyed in-between meals too as they are a delight to snack on.

 Overall, THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds will help you create exciting, flavorful, filling, quick, healthy salads, and on-the-go meals & snacks. 

So, Let THE GREAT TRAIL Organic Pumpkin Seeds' flavors guide you when making your culinary visions come to life. 

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